Travel insurance

                           Travel insurance

People like to travel for many reasons and everywhere. Mostly for pleasure or business. What a wonderful adventure. Especially if you are on vacation. Do not forget something. Make list carefully and pack your luggage. Travel is state of mind. 

Sometimes can happen something unusually or not according with a plan. That may discourage you from traveling. In that case Travel insurance will be good idea. People frequency ask for: Travel insurance, Trip Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance, International Insurance, Health Insurance, Temporary travel insurance, Pet Insurance, International Health Insurance, Business Travel Medical Insurance , Worldwide Health Coverage, USA Visitors Insurance, Global Travel Insurance, for Organizations and Individuals, Holiday Insurance...

Be aware:

- If we decide to “do not travel”, there is no automatic refund (no money back)
- The cost of travel insurance depends of many factors: country, age, plan...
- Usually not cover dangerous activity, like extreme sports, injuries related with dope (drugs) or alcohol...
- Travel insurance, like every insurance, is not unlimited.
- With the insurer, directly, clarify any policy issues
Example: Health insurance in the country you intend to visit, insurance for expensive items...

What we need to cover or protected, risks we might face

-Trip: Travel cancellations, delays, interruptions, missed connections, emergency evacuation, return of a minor child, financial default of travel provider
-Property: Lost, theft, delays or damaged baggage or travel documents, Car protection, Credit card protection
-Health: Medical, dental expenses, medical emergency and hospital care, medical evacuation
-Life: Death, overseas funeral expenses and disablement benefit

Some Insurance Companies have:

-Optional insurance: car rental, sports of risk, high risk countries, kidnap, 3rd party supplier insolvency...
-Exclusive insurance: War, terrorism, helpful services (24 hours a day), emergency travel assistance...   

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